veximala asked:

Hello dear, do you have Pokémon X and/or Y? We could swap friend codes if you would like. I have fire types, so people have told me.

I don’t have either… And I don’t have any form of DS either. :( I want a 3DS, but I just can’t justify its cost. That’s money that could go towards a PC gaming rig. :)

milky-magical asked:

Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. ♥

Oh, my… I’m really not one to send out chain stuff like this, but I’ll at least say five nice things… :)

  1. I’m really friendly towards cats.
  2. I can achieve pretty cool stuff if I really push myself.
  3. Even though they’re not the best, I can usually come up with unique and resourceful ideas on how to solve a problem.
  4. I actually type with the full keyboard I’ve been blessed with, instead of answering along the lines of “k thx c u latr”.
  5. I try to make the most of what I have, instead of longing for things I can’t/won’t ever have. That said, I’d still like a new laptop. :P

I don’t know most of my followers that well. In fact, I don’t follow most of them back. I’ll tag some of my favorites, though. :)






marshallpeng-deactivated2013081 <— Really miss this guy. Really do. :(

I started my new job today.

I’ll be providing technical support for Eastern Florida State College’s four campuses, as well as online classrooms. This is my desk. Rather upscale from what I was expecting… and the pay is nice, as well.

I certainly hope this job is rewarding! I’ll be working this and Publix at the same time, since the college job only allows me up to 20 hours per week.



This was meant to be a quick warm up, but it turned into a comic that I’ve wanted to draw for a while. This is something that is extremely important to me, and I appreciate it if you read it.

A while ago, I heard a story that broke my heart. A family went a cat shelter to adopt. The daughter fell in love with a 3-legged cat. The father straight up said “absolutely not”. Because he was missing a leg. That cat was that close to having a family that loved him, but the missing leg held him back. Why?!

Many people have the initial instinct of “nope” when they see an imperfect animal. I get it, but less-adoptable does NOT mean less loveable. 9 out of 10 people will choose a kitten over an adult cat. And those 10% that would get an adult cat often overlook “different” animals.

All I want people to do is be open to the idea of having a “different” pet in their lives. Choose the pet that you fall in love with, but at least give all of them a fair shot at winning your heart.

Don’t dismiss them, they deserve a loving home just as much as any other cat. They still purr, they still love a warm lap, they still play, they still love you. Trust me, next time you are in the market for a new kitty, just go over to that one cat that’s missing an eye and see what he’s all about!

Brilliant. Definitely true about kittens maturing and changing personalities over time. Some grow up to be rotten little stinkers!